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July 24th 2024

10 KM

10 KM
07:45 AM
4 Hours
RM70.00 (16EUR) Early Bird

Ecotrail Putrajaya is a full-blown trail in the heart of the Federal Territory of Putrajaya capital. The participants will have the chance to explore both urban trails and forest trails. 

These ultra-runners will be taken through iconic architecture building  that are now used for recreation, such as picnics, walking, running and they will see the heart of the city. On top of this, the route includes the parks that uniquely surround Putrajaya.

The trail type for Ecotrail Putrajaya comprises of: 

60% Nature

20% Walking path

20% Aspal road

This is are the places that you will pass through along the event :

Taman Botani

Taman Rimba Alam 

Taman Cabaran

Taman Wawasan



Mandatory Equipment

  • Capacity to carry at least 0.5 liter of fluid (no bottle at the start = 30 minute time penalty!)
  • Mobile phone with a working SIM card
  • Waste Bag
  • Personal water cup (we will not provide cups at Check Points in the principle of protecting the environment and to have NO garbage in the trail)
During the race, on the course, controls will be organised in order to check that each participant has the required equipment permanently with them.
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